Hi! I am Colette (aka Kalieta). I am a Dallas-Fort Worth transplant obsessed with knitting, food, photography, and places—always in search of inspiration.

Kalieta&Co is a place where I share my life interests as a I just do that: life. It's a space for the creative mind,  for the foodie, or the traveler seeking inspiration. It is also a place where reflections on life and craft happen.

What I Write About...

Design Adventures - Sharing my current work in progress and finished projects with you. As well as discussing processes in writing knitting patterns.
Thoughts on Craft - Think of this as a knitter's cafe. I talk about what other knitters are doing, techniques I am learning/improving on, yarn fibers, the slow fashion movement...
Stash Bust - I take you along on my stash-busting adventures, as I figure out the best way to use up all the yarn collected over the years and turn them into functional pieces.
Inspiration - From mood boards, to current trends in knitwear, I discuss what inspires me at the moment and drives my knitting processes.
Life - From time to time, I like to share my life updates, where I have traveled, new foods and restaurants I have tried. You can read more about me in this category.
If you'd like to learn more, grab a cuppa and join me on my knitting adventures!

For potential business collaborations, please contact me at kalietacoshop@gmail.com.