Projects In My Queue

There are so many beautiful projects that I want to make, but of course there is just never enough time! 

Do you have the same problem?

Today I want to share a few projects that caught my eye and which I have queued with hopes to knit them sometimes this year.
I have been eyeing this project for over a year now. The name is really fitting as this cardigan looks like a cocoon that one just wants to wrap themselves in. I currently do not have a long cardigan in my wardrobe, and this would make for a very nice addition. I have not yet decided on a color - but I do want to go through my yarn stash and pick from something I already have. 

2. Anne Ventzel's Slanting Slipover

Another great pattern by Anne Ventzel. Knitted vests are all the fashion now and I am very happy for it, as vests are such a versatile garment and can be worn easily throughout all weathers to keep you warm. Anne's version is very beautiful with all the stitch definitions. I have some lilac color yarn which I think will be perfect for this project.
I have been following Helen's knitting adventures for about a year now. I love her youtube videos, which are so inspiring and are making me want to start my own youtube knitting channel. Batina Kofta (translates to "father's shirt") is preferably knit in a tweed yarn, which luckily for me, I already have stashed! The pattern is currently only available in Russian.

4. Helen Yakovelva's Vest Top Down

Another classic vest. This one caught my attention for its construction, which does not require additional fancy stitches to make it stand out.

Purchase pattern (Russian only)

5. Oh My Knit's Oh My Figure

I have been waiting on the English translation for this pattern to release, and it finally did this week. This dress is just amazing and would make for a great addition into my fall/winter wardrobe. I would love to knit it this year, but we will see how it goes. The good thing is that this pattern can be adapted to only knit the top of the dress, or the skirt part or the full dress! So basically it's a 3-in-1 pattern.

6. Petite Knit's Oslo Sweater

I did knit this sweater last year, and it is one of my most favorite basic sweaters. I knitted it in an off-white shade and a bit oversized. I would like to reproduce it in another color (still thinking which) and make it more fitting. This is a very fun project.

7. My Favorite Things' Sweater No. 18

Another project which I was waiting for an English translation for ages. It finally was released and I hurried to acquire it. I cannot wait to knit it.

That is the rundown of my most anticipated projects for 2022.

Which one did you like the most?

If you knit, any of these you will be knitting as well?

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