KNITTING| Tony's Sweater

Well, another project off my needles!

Back in May, my friend Tony commissioned a sweater. I toyed with the idea, not having EVER knitted a male sweater before, and then I caved in.


The Idea.

This sweater, although a commission, was thought out for months before I actually began knitting it. I wanted a minimalistic design - yet something that would make the sweater stand out without looking "homemade". I was originally toying with a stitch resembling a rice stitch, but then I settled on the cables - as I love knitting cables and they break the monotony that can typically settle when knitting the body (looking at you stockinette stitch!). I also decided to try out the "Japanese Shoulder" construction, as it would enable me to add an additional design along the shoulders and the sleeves. 

The Materials.

Originally, the yarn I had in mind of this sweater was not the one I ended up using. I had ordered yarn off the internet from a Russian store - which arrived month later after I had ordered it (thank you COVID). The yarn came in cones, and had to be wound in multiple strand configurations before I could use it. I realized that I may not actually have enough of it for a full male sweater, so I set it aside (I am still thinking up what project I can knit with it). My main specifics when deciding on a yarn was that 1) it had to be light enough for Texas winters - which are not too harsh and 2) it had to have a deep green or blue color in its pallet. I ended up ordering 10 balls of the Willow & Lark Poetry yarn in the Hunter color. Overall, the project consumed close to 12 balls of yarn. The yarn is a blend of Merino Wool, Microfibre and Camel, making it soft yet sturdy. I knit the sweater from top to bottom using US 6 (4.00 mm) circular needles.

Thoughts on the Final Product.

This has been quite a roller-coaster of a project. Lots of learning curves for me, and definitely, many trials and errors. I will be honest, when the request came, I was frightened by the magnitude of the project: What if I couldn't make it happen? What if my calculations were off? What if he didn't like it? It is always a scary thought when making something for someone (especially when it has been commissioned) that they may not like the end result. I think what helped me a lot was that Tony was very patient - the lack of strict deadline meant I had room to play with the idea. And I did just that. 

I think this was by far my most complicated project to date - because of so many things I had to learn on the way. This was my very first project utilizing the "Japanese Shoulder" construction; which I had been wanting to try out for a while now, but never got around to until this project. Of course that meant watching countless YouTube videos, calculating and recalculating my cast-ons and increases, undoing started sections to get to the correct size... This past summer, I managed to knit the full body of the sweater and had Tony try it out. A sight of relief came to me when I saw how well the body sat on him. I could now focus on the sleeves. Of course, at this point I ran out of yarn and had to wait for months for the Hunter color to be restocked. Once it did, I was able to finish the sweater. Now, the sweater is with his owner, and I am relieved my hard work and tenacity paid off.

Now, I am off to my next project!

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