Update on my Alpaca Sweater.

Cast on. 
Cast Off. 

This is the constant cycle I go through, and funny enough - it never gets old.

I am always excited to start on a new project, and then again, I am also happy when it is done and dusted. Remember my Alpaca sweater project I had picked up last September? (gosh, it seems like ages ago!) Well, I finally got around to finishing it! It only took like...forever, or so it seems, but now it is done!

Thoughts on the final product.

When I started the knitting process, I wanted it to be light enough to wear over a tank during chilly summer nights, or over a turtleneck for colder weather. This goal has been achieved successfully. The sweater is a joy to wear, the yarn behaves really nicely against my skin. It is not rough, nor is it prickly. I tried to wear it directly against my skin and did not feel bothered. The alpaca blend brings a lot of warmth, and because of the natural fibers, the skin is constantly breathing and self-regulating the temperature. That alone makes me so happy. 

Things to note.

I did already mention to you how though it was for me to knit this piece. The challenge was due to the fact that I used one strand of the Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light yarn, which meant using smaller needles and thus spending more time on this project. I enjoy the most knitting in DK weight, but it was nice to test my ability to work with different types of yarns and their weights. 
One thing to note however, is how much the yarn stretched after washing. I had originally intended the sweater to be right at the top of my hips, but after washing it elongated by a few centimeters, covering half of my bums. Which in the end is a) not a tragedy, and b) gave the sweater a nice look. I now can either wear it as is, or tuck it in some trousers for a chic look. As you can see, this is a very functional garment! 

The stats.

This sweater weights 247g, meaning you would only need two skeins! I am still quite shocked. I had purchased a few skeins in two different shades, so I will be knitting another one or two sweater like items (I know, I just finished complaining about how long it took me, but can you blame me for going down the rabbit hole?). At $7 a skein, this is a very budget friendly enterprise! Probably the cheapest (in terms of yarn cost) sweater I have ever made. Impressive, uh?

What about you? Do you have a favorite yarn weight you prefer to knit in?What is the most cost effective yarn you have ever worked with?

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