Thanksgiving came and went, and I have been away in the woods enjoying nature and the quietness it brings. I had brought with me one knitting project, which was my basic cardigan I had finished a few months back, when it was still dreadfully hot outside to dare to wear it. I unravelled the bottom as I wanted to make it longer and thought it would be a perfect project to take with me. Well, things don't always work how you expect it. I somehow found myself unravelling it more and more, as i discovered that at some point the stockinette stitch did not look right to me. At first I thought I would unravel up-to that point and knit over, but then as it turns out, I ended up unravelling it completely! Call me crazy, but that is where I basically ended up.

The Yarn.

I am using KnitPick's City Tweed DK in Habanero. It is a Merino (55%), Superfine Alpaca (25%) and Donegal Tweed (20%) blend, that is very fun to work with and so warm to wear! I especially love the colors this yarn comes in. I had chosen the Habanero color a few years back, and had finally decided to knit something with it. I had originally bought only 4 balls, but then as I decided to make of it a cardigan, I had to order 6 more to ensure I would have enough to complete my project. I have not used all of the yarn, and will share the total yardage once I have re-knit this cardigan.

The Needles.

The recommended needle size for this yarn is US 5 (3.75mm) to US 7 (4.5mm). The pattern I am planning to use for this remake calls for US 10 (6mm) and 7mm circular needles. However, after swatching in both US 7 and US 10, I decided to stick with a US 7 for my project, as I want the cardigan to be more sturdy.

The Pattern.

My original cardigan was a make it as you go project. However, with having unravelled it, I figured I might as well try a pattern. I have been wanting to try out Mette's (PetiteKnit) patterns for a while. I have seen her works around the web, and seen other knitters make and wear her creations. They are so simple yet beautiful. And since I still wanted to stick with a basic cardigan to add to my wardrobe, I figured it would be the perfect occasion to try out Mette's Novice Cardigan. After purchasing the pattern, and swatching my gauge, I had to do some calculations to determine what size I should knit in, since I had already decided to stick with a US 7 needle size in lieu of the US 10. Based on my calculations, I would need to go a size up to achieve the desired size. So normally based on Mette's bust circumference guide, I would have knit a size L, but with my needle size and gauge, I would need to follow the instructions for an XL size, which will bring me back to an L. If you are curious as to how to make this kind of calculation/adjustments, let me know in the comments and I will put together a tutorial for you all.

Have you had to start over on a project? How did it go for you? Was it the right decision?

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