Stash Bust: Two Years Later.

Hello Friends,

When I decided to tackle my yarn stash back in 2018, I must say that I was not very successful in achieving my goals. Yes, I did not really purchase any new yarn, but neither did I actually do any major knitting as I had hoped.

Stash Busting in 2020

Fast forward to 2020, and I must say that I have since the beginning of the year really tackled my reserves, producing various pieces from hats, to sweaters and even a vest.

Diving into my yarn reserve has enabled me to be more creative, to freely experiment with new techniques and create new processes, which I hope to share along on this blog with you all.

Renewed Goals

My goal as I dive again into the world of the written word, is to share my works (which you can also follow on my instagram accounts @kalieta and @kalietaco), perfect the art of the handmade, and eventually develop patterns for others to enjoy.

Knitting Blogs

The knitting community and the knitting world is such a beautiful place to be. Sadly, there are not many traditional bloggers out there whose niche is knitting. Most thrive on youtube and/or instagram (and they do a wonderful job too!). Don't get me wrong; I have considered both as primary digital platforms, but always find myself drawn to traditional blogging. Perhaps it is because this is where I started back in the early 2000s when blogging was still new, who knows? But it would be nice to read more of the makers stories, of how they develop their handmade works, and get nuggets of their wisdom.

  • Do you know any knitters who are also traditional bloggers? If yes, please share their blogs in the comments below.
  • Any projects that you promised yourself to tackle a few months/years ago but found only materialized much later on in your life? I would love to hear about your experience(s).

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