Design Adventures: Currently On My Needles.

Sometime last year I started following many fellow knitters/crocheters on instagram. They have all since brought me countless hours of wonder and helped me build confidence in my knitting skills, as well as start thinking about designing my own knitting collection. I am not talking about knitting from other's patterns as part of my desire to build a timeless, functional knitted wardrobe. No. I am referring to actually going through the whole process of drafting on paper, choosing yarn and getting the idea out of my head and into my wardrobe. I had attempted the journey of designing my first sweater at the beginning of 2017, and it was an interesting learning curve.

Yesterday, in the spirit of busting my yarn stash, I began working on a new sweater design. Ironically, it has been quite warm here in Texas, but I am sure I will get an opportunity to wear the finished product before summer officially hits us. For the design I have thought of, I wanted something subtle that would make any outfit stand out, without too many details. I chose to work with KnitPicks City Tweed yarn, in Aran. The color is obsidian, which is more of an earthly color. Almost makes me think of a truffle. Anyone care for a Truffle Sweater? (seems like a lovely name to give to this project).

I am currently working on my size, in medium, but would love to develop alternative sizes once I complete the project. At the rate I am going, I hope to have this sweater off the needles by mid April. I will be sharing my progress photos on my instagram account, so make sure to follow me! As you can imagine, I cannot wait to cast off and see how this whole new sweater comes together. I just wanted to share what I am up to right now, and I hope to share soon with you the final result!

Anything you are currently working on?

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